Magic Fair!

My weekend was extreme and magic.  All the shiny lights and the smell of cotton candy, popcorn and caramel apples collide along with the noise of the mechanic games. Every single part of the fair is magic everyone wants to get into a game that gives them the sensation of flying. Little girls want the carousel, teenagers the rollercoaster, little boys want to get into the bumping cars and couples want the Chicago wheel. Everyone wants to experience something magic is all about having fun and feeling happy. Long lines waited just to get a ticket and also long lines to get into the game. But the experience was pleasant and worth the long hours of waiting. Once you get into a rollercoaster or carrousel the speed and air makes you feel you are free you can fly and screaming is the only way of getting out the fear you used to feel.  The fair in town is like candy to a kid and like water to a bird. Everyone waits for it, and everyone loves buying the cool stuff animals, bubbles and jewelry. I personally love the fair especially when you spend it either with friends or family. This weekend i spent it to the fullest in the fair. Got lots of stuff and fun. 

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