After a week of exams.... i am left alone!

Friday night and with nothing better to do. This week was the craziest week ever, exams have been a pain in the ass. Last years i didn't care about them they only worth 20 golden points ;But this year they worth 30 golden points. If i failed them my grade comes down like a crashing plane. Well i think i did pretty well in my physics and lit exam. P.S: I am not that good at lit and grammar, i am learning! 
Not only i had a really busy week , but also my best friends are leaving in a two week trip to a medical brigade. Ill have no one else than me myself and i at school. Well two great friends are staying with me but...ill miss Ann by bestie! :( 
I am working in some drawing sorry for the lateness... but ill post them sooner o later
Love ya kiddos!
I love this image!
I lije this is my life when i have no exams and friends that are leaving me for 2 weeks....... i feel :(! 

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