Neither homemade nor bought! :(

Yeah let me be my favorite phrase! And it goes for all those who judge and demur your style, mood, personality or anything you do. Today i cut some old yellow pants to make them some shorts. I tried them on and mom told me to short so i decided to put on some leggings. And guess what she told me i look just like a street women. That girls don't use cloth like that and i wont be able to use that. I told her to buy me some new shorts and she starting blabber-mouthing  for almost 10 minutes of how she bought me cloth and i didn't wear it. Then she mention my weird style and mood. I WAS SPEECHLESS.. i hate when people want you to be like the rest. I defended my self by counterargument how original i am. And guess what was her final word? YEP WELL THAT LITTLE SHORT WITH THAT LEGGINGS NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL. So i guess ill stay with tha shorts to wear them at home or something. Cause my intention was to save her money but i didnt get neither to wear my own made short nor to buy new ones!...I literary hate when adults are so closed minded and not creative at all.!

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