SummerJob is over! :) :(

So finally I completed a month at my job.  Last Saturday was my last day, it was the most exhausting workday I have ever had. I came home and sleep about 3 hours long after work. The experience was great I learn about responsibilities; knew very interesting, crazy and extremely dull people. I was rewarded with a reasonable payment and was offered weekend job for when I started school. I have not accepted the offer yet but I’ll think about it once i start school. The job experience was great I really enjoyed it except for the part of waking up early in the morning. My vacations soon will be over and reality will hit me again. I’ll sleep, eat, scream, play, party, and relax as much as I can of what lasts of summer. These days I’ll be wondering around a lot of time at home so ill post a lot , if I don’t post is that I am doing something more interesting hahaha or just fighting with my mom. Peace out  kiddos!


The Third World Musician!

In a country where not everyone has good taste for music and don’t appreciate art that well. A unique person was born and that was the third world musician. Inspired by many artists from the first world countries, nature, and magical stuff he creates his music. In a lonely room where he sleeps, talks to himself and even screams when is needed something magical occurs once in a time and is his music work. Maybe not everyone knows his existence but those who know him are witnesses of his great work. He has this geek punk style that well matches his guitar, and also his passion for extreme sports. He is one of those dreamers that never surrenders and is always thinking with a smile. Even though he wastes his energy in hiking and canopy at the end of the day some special song is created.  The third world musician lives for his music and extremely believes in his dream. I truly believe someday I will be who knows where in the world and see an announcement of one of his concert. Hope it says Ermin in concert!

Tkm Kiddo I believe in you!
Atte Midnightstar (karly)

Expressing with drawings!

So I am an ARTIST not that good like others in the world but I do my stuff. Most of them are comic. I decided I will show some of my drawings and explain them a little bit. As I said before words are not my strength especially grammar, but drawing express me better and music.  So here I leave you with one of my latest drawing. 

This was done in a rainy afternoon inspire by the phrase written and also by the many WEIRD looks people give me like telling me are you crazy when really I am just different. Hope you like it; this is part of my art.
Will be posting more soon!

Magic Fair!

My weekend was extreme and magic.  All the shiny lights and the smell of cotton candy, popcorn and caramel apples collide along with the noise of the mechanic games. Every single part of the fair is magic everyone wants to get into a game that gives them the sensation of flying. Little girls want the carousel, teenagers the rollercoaster, little boys want to get into the bumping cars and couples want the Chicago wheel. Everyone wants to experience something magic is all about having fun and feeling happy. Long lines waited just to get a ticket and also long lines to get into the game. But the experience was pleasant and worth the long hours of waiting. Once you get into a rollercoaster or carrousel the speed and air makes you feel you are free you can fly and screaming is the only way of getting out the fear you used to feel.  The fair in town is like candy to a kid and like water to a bird. Everyone waits for it, and everyone loves buying the cool stuff animals, bubbles and jewelry. I personally love the fair especially when you spend it either with friends or family. This weekend i spent it to the fullest in the fair. Got lots of stuff and fun. 

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