The Third World Musician!

In a country where not everyone has good taste for music and don’t appreciate art that well. A unique person was born and that was the third world musician. Inspired by many artists from the first world countries, nature, and magical stuff he creates his music. In a lonely room where he sleeps, talks to himself and even screams when is needed something magical occurs once in a time and is his music work. Maybe not everyone knows his existence but those who know him are witnesses of his great work. He has this geek punk style that well matches his guitar, and also his passion for extreme sports. He is one of those dreamers that never surrenders and is always thinking with a smile. Even though he wastes his energy in hiking and canopy at the end of the day some special song is created.  The third world musician lives for his music and extremely believes in his dream. I truly believe someday I will be who knows where in the world and see an announcement of one of his concert. Hope it says Ermin in concert!

Tkm Kiddo I believe in you!
Atte Midnightstar (karly)

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Anonymous Ann :)

love this

Midnight Star


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