Where do you hide your Treasures?

It is said that once someone asked Alexander the Great; Where did he save and hide his treasures? Instantaneously has h was prepared to answer that type of questions, he sent to call his Generals. Once they arrived he answer the question y saying: Here with them is where i save and hide my treasures.
Time passed and the story says that when Alexander the Great was dying , one of his generals asked him: Master how do you want to divide your treasures and where do you hide them? Alexander answered: I hide and save my treasures in my Friend's Pockets. 

Alexander the Great consider his Friends his Treasures , and here we ca see why the great loyalty his soldiers had toward him ; that they will give there lives for him. 
Friendship is a treasure that should be protect and watch from close, if for Alexander the Great a Leader friendship was that important , What is your Treasure?
Do you think Friends are your Treasure? 

Friends are and important part of our lives , and are the persons you choose to be close to. So Choose well and save them like a treasure.



The English Patient!

This is a book i read in my literature class an really enjoy it! Here is my opinion and paper i present about it!

The English Patient is a meticulous novel written by the great novelist Michael Odantaje. It’s a novel full of love and confusion set at the end of World War II. It reveals the identity and true self of 4 individuals in a magically and realistic way. It not only involves love but also a little of mystery as you get to know these characters.

The II World War is coming to an end in Italy, Hanna; a Canadian nurse decides to live in a desolated Villa called Villa San Girolamo in company of her burned patient. Tired of the death and war, she decides to stay there and nurse this man with no identity at all, just known as the “English patient” for his accent. Hanna not only nurses him but, reads and hears his experiences as well. Suddenly Caravaggio arrives to the Villa. He was a thief and an old family friend of Hanna, with war ending and having no family Caravaggio searches for her. As the plot develops Kip arrives, an Indian Sapper that worked for the English and dismantled bombs. He trusted no one but himself.  With time he establishes a love relationship with Hanna, something Caravaggio wanted. They start to know the English patient’s history with what he remembers, but not his identity. The book relates the past life of these individuals and each of them gets to establish a connection with the unknown English patient.

Michael Odantaje’s style in The English Patient is totally poetic. The use of metaphors and poetic language enriches the novel in a magical sense, giving it a style for the reader to imagine and feel rather than just knowing what’s happening.  It is presented in a nonlinear order while it feeds the reader with a set of memories and presents events that keep it interesting. It has many random flashbacks that may confuse you but at the same time gives logic to it. Character development is as well part of the style, throughout the whole book you get to know the life, personalities and identities of these individuals. The time in which the novel takes place also complements the themes that can be: nationality, identity, honor and war. Some other themes that the novel refers to are death, life, passion, healing, loneliness, and connection. It also includes some historical context like Herodotus, and war incidents. It is totally a controversial novel and its audience in general is for people who would like to read something poetic and passionate. It shows the reader how was life after war but in the emotional side. Teenagers of 16 and adults definitely will have a good time reading it.
It is a passive novel but it really goes with the style. The novel doesn’t have an established plot and is more about characters. Throughout the whole novel you are able to see how each character develops; especially through experiences, flashbacks and past life rather than Daily events. As the book advances you can perceive that each character is damaged in a certain way and wants to get heal. I personally think the book centers towards Hanna, I really loved her character because of the way she attaches to the English Patient and takes care of him. This strange and mysterious attachment with the patient at first is unexplainable. Later on, Hanna describes her father’s death and you realize that he died being burned, making her build a strong closeness for the English patient; that may have developed from the fact that her father was burned too and she wasn’t there to take care of him. I think seeing the burned patient caused her pain and care for him thinking on her dead father.  This novel is more about getting to know these individuals through what they have experienced. It shows you that there are moments in your life that you are left with nothing and your only possessions are your experiences and memories
I’ll also like to state that Odantaje centers the book toward the character rather than creating a plot; this makes the book a little boring at the beginning, because you are waiting for a problem or a situation to happen than just getting to know the characters. But yet his descriptions bring alive the novel and you get to perceive what I had before mentioned. He also presents you to love stories of different times that are a little sad but touchy. Is a book that tells you how to love and what to expect from love. What really kept me reading the book was to discover the English patient’s real identity. Even though I had to pass by his whole story that somehow I felt it really fast and of much detailed compared to the rest of the book; still it was worth to get to know him. Through the story narration of you also discover along with the characters that the patient turns out to be way different than how the characters and I imagine him. In this book I learned that when we lose everything our only possession left is our past, names, experiences and memories.
Reading this book was at first a little confusing and difficult to get through, because of the random flashbacks that appeared. It’s a book that takes time to read to really understand the poetic elements it has. I enjoyed the story a lot and learned about it, what I disliked the most was that sometimes there where unnecessary details mention. However the story is deeply touching on the aspects of love and personalities. The poetic work of this author and book is splendid and really carries you to the world of the characters. I highly recommend this book to persons that would like to read about passionate love, pain, relations, and isolation. Still you have to be patient to read the book to get to understand the story. It’s a novel you should read not only for its controversial style but for its poetic work. It’s a book that confuses, intrigues, moves, and makes you think about love. So if you want to read something different The English Patient is definitely what you should read.   

The Sweetest lyrics and Melody.

Today i heard the sweetest lyrics and melody! A great friend of mine who i called The Third World Musician wrote me a song. The song is not finished but the part he shared with me is lovely. Little things like this is what make my day and give a smile!. I simply love this song and really appreciate it!

You are so special
Your are always in my heart
You are always on the first page of my thoughts
Now you are part of me
And cant wait to give you a hug ....(8) 


Things change Little Mermaid!

Changes for good or bad they always happen. Life is an ongoing roller-coaster that changes routes always till it get to the beginning again.

Since my last entry it had happened a lot, school is more stressful than ever, thinking about my future, crying a lot,  making things work and failing, trying to also have fun , having to bear the idea my BFF GUY is hanging-out with my only little SISTER , though i am happy about them, well its more than this. But i am alive that's what counts.

I'll Share something with you today is a little thing i draw weeks ago. I saw this in the Facebook albums of a friend , i like it so much  and knew that friend like it too. I decide to print out the picture and make that friend this drawing. Well i started drawing and took my time, i had all the intention to give it to that friend. But then something happened that brought my intentions of changing things to better ..down. I finished the drawing and i still have it don't know why but i was not able to give the drawing to this friend. I was trying but it was useless , so i decided to keep the drawing. It was done for a friend with the intention of been delivered but it never got to that friends hands cause i was not able to deliver it, cause i think i am not strong enough. Maybe is not the right time or destiny decided i should stay with it!


Still i already get over it and accept that things change between humans.
Here is the drawing hope you like it! ITS THE Little Mermaid :D

 Starting work and Original at the side the one i printed out!

My final work , Hope you like it! I am not god at shadowing! 

PS: MY CAMARA IS NOT THAT GOOD! Sorry for mu grammar writing is not my thing!

After a week of exams.... i am left alone!

Friday night and with nothing better to do. This week was the craziest week ever, exams have been a pain in the ass. Last years i didn't care about them they only worth 20 golden points ;But this year they worth 30 golden points. If i failed them my grade comes down like a crashing plane. Well i think i did pretty well in my physics and lit exam. P.S: I am not that good at lit and grammar, i am learning! 
Not only i had a really busy week , but also my best friends are leaving in a two week trip to a medical brigade. Ill have no one else than me myself and i at school. Well two great friends are staying with me but...ill miss Ann by bestie! :( 
I am working in some drawing sorry for the lateness... but ill post them sooner o later
Love ya kiddos!
I love this image!
I lije this is my life when i have no exams and friends that are leaving me for 2 weeks....... i feel :(! 


Neither homemade nor bought! :(

Yeah let me be my favorite phrase! And it goes for all those who judge and demur your style, mood, personality or anything you do. Today i cut some old yellow pants to make them some shorts. I tried them on and mom told me to short so i decided to put on some leggings. And guess what she told me i look just like a street women. That girls don't use cloth like that and i wont be able to use that. I told her to buy me some new shorts and she starting blabber-mouthing  for almost 10 minutes of how she bought me cloth and i didn't wear it. Then she mention my weird style and mood. I WAS SPEECHLESS.. i hate when people want you to be like the rest. I defended my self by counterargument how original i am. And guess what was her final word? YEP WELL THAT LITTLE SHORT WITH THAT LEGGINGS NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL. So i guess ill stay with tha shorts to wear them at home or something. Cause my intention was to save her money but i didnt get neither to wear my own made short nor to buy new ones!...I literary hate when adults are so closed minded and not creative at all.!
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