Pointless Trip

Today I went in a trip that ended up been pointless. We were heading to Trujillo a coastal city of Honduras (it is said to be a nice place, and was the first capital of Honduras during the colonial times). I was ready 7 am a long trip waited. Feeling some nauseous and uncomfortable cause my little cousin used my legs as a pillow and bed.  By the way the pathway had a very nice view of mountains and land. We finally arrived to Tocoa a very nice city where one of my Bff lives temporarily. Stop for a walk and a small break at the station. We got in the car and headed to our destiny Trujillo and when we are finally getting there the bridge that connects Trujillo with the rest of Tocoa is out of service. It had fallen down weeks before (bad construction from the government hahaha). The only option to cross the river was to go in a big raft that only fit two cars. Luckily a big line of cars was waiting to cross from both sides of the river. I just taught DAMN we are in primitive times. We came back to La Ceiba and had a Pointless trip. I hate that moment of the day. The only good thing is that in the way back home we listen to GUNS'N'ROSSES cd and that made my day.

Lesson of the day : MUSIC ALWAYS MADES YOUR DAY!

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