Things change Little Mermaid!

Changes for good or bad they always happen. Life is an ongoing roller-coaster that changes routes always till it get to the beginning again.

Since my last entry it had happened a lot, school is more stressful than ever, thinking about my future, crying a lot,  making things work and failing, trying to also have fun , having to bear the idea my BFF GUY is hanging-out with my only little SISTER , though i am happy about them, well its more than this. But i am alive that's what counts.

I'll Share something with you today is a little thing i draw weeks ago. I saw this in the Facebook albums of a friend , i like it so much  and knew that friend like it too. I decide to print out the picture and make that friend this drawing. Well i started drawing and took my time, i had all the intention to give it to that friend. But then something happened that brought my intentions of changing things to better ..down. I finished the drawing and i still have it don't know why but i was not able to give the drawing to this friend. I was trying but it was useless , so i decided to keep the drawing. It was done for a friend with the intention of been delivered but it never got to that friends hands cause i was not able to deliver it, cause i think i am not strong enough. Maybe is not the right time or destiny decided i should stay with it!


Still i already get over it and accept that things change between humans.
Here is the drawing hope you like it! ITS THE Little Mermaid :D

 Starting work and Original at the side the one i printed out!

My final work , Hope you like it! I am not god at shadowing! 

PS: MY CAMARA IS NOT THAT GOOD! Sorry for mu grammar writing is not my thing!

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