Where do you hide your Treasures?

It is said that once someone asked Alexander the Great; Where did he save and hide his treasures? Instantaneously has h was prepared to answer that type of questions, he sent to call his Generals. Once they arrived he answer the question y saying: Here with them is where i save and hide my treasures.
Time passed and the story says that when Alexander the Great was dying , one of his generals asked him: Master how do you want to divide your treasures and where do you hide them? Alexander answered: I hide and save my treasures in my Friend's Pockets. 

Alexander the Great consider his Friends his Treasures , and here we ca see why the great loyalty his soldiers had toward him ; that they will give there lives for him. 
Friendship is a treasure that should be protect and watch from close, if for Alexander the Great a Leader friendship was that important , What is your Treasure?
Do you think Friends are your Treasure? 

Friends are and important part of our lives , and are the persons you choose to be close to. So Choose well and save them like a treasure.


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