Warriors that want to be heroes!

Last week i discover that at home i live in a bubble where i disconnect completely from real life. And i missed many things from the real world. So i started working in my cousin’s super market and on my way to the job I experience something i never had before. It was 7 am and i walk through the main street of the city and saw it so clean and clear. The air that hit my face had a sense of freshness like if had never touch anyone's flesh except mine. As i got deeper into downtown i saw how people got ready to work. There where people cleaning the street, opening the businesses doors, getting all set and done for the day. Every single person show a survivor in their face cause especially in a country like the one i live Honduras. You are a survivor you either work hard for everyday food or die of hunger. In a poor country with many problems working hard is the only way to get what you want.  I taught they work for their family, for their dreams, for their goals, and they work because they are warriors that want to be heroes and have a legacy to leave. They don't give up on life and if they feel they fall they stand up again because they have a goal to achieve and a legacy to leave. Maybe in the country i leave many forget their dreams but in one moment of life they dream again and change that dream and Work as a Warrior to achieve their goal!!

I hope i get the best out of this work!
PS: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes!
 Midnight star! XD

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