Everyone wants to be loved!

Love our friend and our enemy. The idea of love can freak you out and also lost you in thought.  I personally don’t have much experience with love but I have seen a lot about love. Maybe you think she writes about love and don’t have experience with it. But believe me I have seen a lot more broken hearts than happy couples.  And yeah maybe I am not an expert but they say that you sometimes learn something from watching.  And something I surely know and you also know is that EVERY HUMAN BEIGN WANTS TO BE LOVED.  Don’t ask me why, because is just nature.

 Love can be our best friend and our worst enemy
Why our friend?  makes us happy and joyful. When someone is in love is an unexplainable feeling and nothing else matters for that person.  It’s a feeling everyone is pleased to feel.  Like when you see that person you really like and you go blind and the butterflies hit you.  When you r lost in the smile of someone and every time you see that person approaching you feel a sense of Goosebumps. This and more is what love makes you feel.
Why our enemy? For love we cry and suffer, for love we feel like shit sometimes. For it we eat lots of chocolate and feel in the edge.  It can make do things you don’t want to, and take you to the limit of craziness. It makes you thinks you don’t worth it and you are always going to lose the battle of love.
It makes us smile and cry and we still look for it. And why we look for it because love is the nearest thing  to magic. We love to feel like that we humans are In love with love. Every single of us dreams with love and with finding that person.  Cause is the most difficult thing to find a person that fits you completely, and love does it. Love the trouble maker and love the peacemaker. Who understand it?none. Who wants it? Everyone.

L-O-V-E four letters one word that can makes us and break us!
I may be right or wrong ..i dont know cause till know i dont cleary understand love 

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